Counseling Services

Individual Therapy

A person meets individually with a counselor to confidentially talk through issues and problems. This is often the primary method of treatment, with occasional interviews with other people who are important to the counselee.


Family Therapy

This therapy involves the entire family in sessions with the counselor. Sometimes an individual or the adults in the family meet separately for one or two sessions.


Group Therapy and Support Groups

This process involves a number of individuals who get together regularly under the leadership of a counselor to talk about their feelings and problems. There are both long-term and short-term groups, and groups that target particular life situations or issues. Special support groups for clergy are available, called “Clergy Cluster Groups.”


Couples Counseling

A process to help couples resolve issues and learn new ways of communicating and problem solving.


Our goal is to provide:

  • A safe and secure way for individuals and families to seek psychological and spiritual help in times of crisis.
  • Support and training for psychotherapists, clergy and lay ministers as they reach out to others.
  • Psycho-educational groups for mental health education and awareness.
  • EAP Services

Through our counseling centers, our wide range of educational programs, and direct support of area clergy, we have established a unique and solid connection with over 100 congregations and communities of faith.

For assistance in scheduling an appointment at any of Care and Counseling’s locations, call (314) 878-4340 or (800) 677-3609 during regular business hours of Mon-Fri 9 am – 5 pm.