Certificate of Supervised Experience

A residency of clinical supervised experience is available for two to three residents beginning each year in September.  For further information or an application, please contact Stephanie Whitney, Clinical Director, at 314-336-1097 or or you can download it here.


Residency requirements:
An Advanced Behavioral Science Degree, Theological Degree which integrates Theology and Psychology, or nearing completion.


Residency includes: 
Participation in Psychotherapy Enrichment Program (PEP) coursework, weekly case conferences and administrative time, staffing groups,  and supervision individual and group sessions.

Residents begin seeing clients in the fall (may vary, depending on level of experience) and receive a graduated stipend for clinical hours.  All or most of the hours count toward licensure requirements.  Must be in personal therapy while in program.  One – two years based on need of participant.  Hallmark of program is a mentoring experience with array of seasoned clinicians to gain quality clinical skills and ability to build and maintain a practice.