Stephanie Whitney

Stephanie Whitney, MA, LPC, ATR-BC


I am a Licensed Professional Counselor and a Registered / Board Certified Art Therapist working with adults, adolescents, and children.  My approach to therapy begins with forming a safe, therapeutic relationship that allows you to explore the life transitions, emotional pain, or other symptoms that bring you to therapy, such as anxiety, depression, addiction, or eating disorders.  My collaborative style involves moving beyond symptom management and helping you to identify and develop understanding of the deeper meaning of the presenting symptoms.  I conceptualize symptoms as external manifestations of conflicts and core beliefs rooted in the inner world.  Often, the symptoms attempt to provide a positive function in your life, such as avoidance of the pain of past and current life experiences, filling an emotional void, or modulating stress associated with life transitions.  In exploring your inner world, we will work together towards your goals for healing.  I have worked extensively with adults, adolescents, and children with a variety of clinical issues, including eating disorders, substance abuse, depression, anxiety, grief and loss, and trauma.


I believe life-long learning is essential in this work.  I have completed several post-graduate trainings, including the Advanced Psychodynamic Psychotherapy Program and the Child and Adolescent Psychodynamic Psychotherapy Program at the St. Louis Psychoanalytic Institute and Level 1 Training in Sensorimotor Psychotherapy.  I am currently in training as a candidate in the Adult Psychoanalytic Program at the St. Louis Psychoanalytic Institute.